NCAT can rent a economic manager to make economic and criminal choices on behalf of someone with a decision making disability.

Financial control instances are controlled through NCAT’s Guardianship Division.

What is economic management?

An application for monetary management approach you’re asking NCAT to employ a person because the economic manager for the individual that is the concern of the software.

A monetary manager has the authority to make choices about financial affairs for a person who is incapable of creating these selections for themselves. Financial affairs refers to things such as operating bank money owed, paying bills, investing cash, promoting or buying belongings and includes criminal affairs which includes teaching a solicitor to behave in legal court cases.

How to use for monetary management

Complete the economic management application shape and lodge with your attachments to NCAT’s Guardianship Division.

  • Financial control utility shape (PDF , 348.6 KB)
  • Read the Information for Applicants – Appointment of a monetary manager and/or guardian truth sheet (PDF , 142.three KB).

Do you want to apply?

Generally, NCAT best hears programs in which there are not any appropriate preparations already in area or where the right opportunity to an application can’t be located.

Before making an utility to NCAT, you must recollect the subsequent questions:

  • Does the person the utility is ready lack the functionality to manipulate their financial affairs? 
  • Is there a need for some other individual to control their affairs on their behalf? 
  • Are there any decisions that want to be made now that can’t be made by means of a person informally?

For more facts consult with Do you need to use?

What does NCAT don’t forget whilst making orders?

NCAT will simplest make a monetary control order if:

  • the character isn’t always capable of managing their affairs
  • there may be a want for someone else to manipulate their affairs for them
  • it’s far within the person’s nice interests to have a economic management order
  • the man or woman has belongings in NSW.

NCAT might also decide to appoint a non-public monetary supervisor (member of the family or friend) or the NSW Trustee and Guardian.

Read the following Guardianship Division fact sheets to find out what to expect at a financial management listening to.

  • Financial control hearings reality sheet (PDF , 143.1 KB)
  • What to expect at a Guardianship Division hearing truth sheet (PDF , 118.6 KB)
  • What to count on at a Guardianship Division hearing reality sheet (Easy Read model) (PDF , 1.1 MB)

Most economic management orders are indefinite and apply to all of the character’s financial affairs. NCAT can exclude part of a person’s estate from the monetary management order in restricted situations. Sometimes, NCAT will determine to check a economic control order within a distinct time.

Read the What occurs after a economic control hearing fact sheet (PDF , a hundred and five.9 KB) for greater records on what will appear if an order is made.

Review of financial control orders

If you have got a actual subject for the character beneath a monetary control order, you may request a review of the monetary management orders.

Who can help me?

If you have got any questions on a guardianship utility, please examine our Who let you along with your software truth sheet (PDF , 77.five KB) and contact NCAT’s Guardianship Division on 1300 006 228.

Fact sheets

A extensive range of helpful fact sheets approximately programs handled by NCAT’s Guardianship Division are available at the Guardianship Division truth sheets page.