The World Bank helps development tasks via venture, policy, and software financing. The key elements of the Financial Management (FM) method with these distinctive styles of operations is specified under.

Investment Project Financing (IPF)

The Bank Policy: Investment Project Financing defines the FM arrangements in IPF initiatives as the planning and budgeting, accounting, internal control, price range waft, economic reporting, and auditing arrangements of the borrower and entity chargeable for project implementation. The FM arrangements rely upon the borrower’s current establishments and systems, with due consideration to the ability of these institutions.

During the education level, FM body of workers verify the financial management dangers to attaining the mission’s development goals and decide the adequacy of the FM preparations proposed on the implementing organization degrees, together with any measures had to mitigate the impact of the chance of dangers materializing.

Throughout the venture’s lifestyles, FM professionals in challenge teams work with the u . s . borrower to make certain sound control of price range and responsibility for challenge resources in accomplishing the favored improvement results. The FM experts additionally work with debtors to bolster the systems and establishments for fiduciary warranty.

IPF Resources

  • IPF Background
  • Bank Policy: Investment Project Financing
  • Bank Directive: Investment Project Financing

Development Policy Financing (DPF)

Financial management in DPFs facilities round two predominant regions: gaining reasonable warranty that the borrower’s public financial control (PFM) device as it should be manages price range assets, and that funds go with the flow arrangements are in area to make certain that the loan proceeds reach the particular debts, and are accounted for within the u . s .’s finances control device.

The price range are disbursed against exceptional implementation of a program of coverage and institutional actions that promote boom, together with protection of a quality macroeconomic coverage framework and compliance with tranche release conditions. The borrower commits to the use of improvement coverage lending funds for eligible expenses only. The Bank commonly disburses the loan proceeds into an account that paperwork a part of the united states’s reliable foreign exchange reserves (commonly held by means of the crucial bank), and an amount equal to the loan proceeds is credited to an account of the government to finance budgeted expenditures.

DPF Resources

  • DPF Background
  • Bank Policy: Development Policy Financing
  • Bank Procedure: Development Policy Financing

Program for Results (PforR)

PforR is predicated upon united states structures and disburses against consequences as measured by way of pre-determined indicators.

At the identification stage, the Bank works with the borrowing u . s . to decide a clean definition and scope of the government software and the a part of the program or sub-application to be financed through the Bank. Once agreed, the Bank identifies key consequences in terms of outputs and consequences, as well as the related disbursement related indicators (DLIs) for use to decide the timing and amount of each disbursement.

FM, Procurement, and Governance specialists behavior a joint Fiduciary Systems Assessment (FSA) of application fiduciary systems and program arrangements. The FSA considers whether or not application systems offer reasonable assurance that the financing proceeds might be used for supposed purposes, with due interest to the ideas of economy, performance, transparency, and responsibility.

PforR Resources

  • PforR Background
  • Bank Policy: Program-for-Results Financing
  • Bank Directive: Program-for-Results Financing

Last Updated: May 01, 2020