Financial Management is a vital topic in business. The motive is that a corporation can not function with out the proper use of budget. It may even go through stunted increase. To apprehend and apply the right management practices in the handling and use of funds, one has to know how treasured economic control is to a enterprise.

In this post, we shall speak financial control, its goals, which means, and function in an agency.

What is the Meaning of Financial Management?

Before dividing into the characteristic and targets of financial management, allow’s outline what the term manner. Through the definition, one would appreciate the significance of the concept and why it wishes to be taken into consideration in the commercial enterprise environment.

The most famous and desirable definition of financial control as given by using S.C.Kushal is that “Financial Management deals with procurement of finances and their powerful usage inside the commercial enterprise”.

Weston and Brigham: Financial Management “is a place of financial decision-making, harmonizing man or woman reasons and agency dreams”.

Joshep and Massie: Financial Management “is the operational activity of a enterprise

that is liable for obtaining and correctly utilizing the budget essential for green operations”

Financial Management is important to any corporation, whether or not small or big. It is just like the lifeline of the commercial enterprise. It is also a vital activity that must be finished in any corporation.

However, monetary management entails the system of making plans, organizing, tracking, and also controlling the monetary resources of an organisation. The concept for doing such is so that it will acquire the vision or goals of the organization on the stipulated time frame.

Financial Management is a normal exercise in a business surroundings. It includes coping with a organization’s monetary resources to ensure there’s very little wastage.

It controls every single thing regarding the agency’s economic activities which incorporates the procurement of price range, use of finances, payments, accounting, hazard evaluation, and different things which are related to budget.

And this is one of the reasons it’s far considered to be an quintessential a part of the agency due to the fact, without proper use of funds, the business can pass down. It may additionally no longer have what it takes to perform production or sports.

The widespread concepts of management also are applied to the monetary control of the company too. But the principle attention shouldn’t be to create standards or department to control the finances of the commercial enterprise.

They need to be installation to observe the fine practices, use the required monetary management tools, and also installation the proper strategies to reduce fee, and make certain manufacturing or enterprise sports feature easily.

In different phrases, the use of enterprise funds matters. It’s the purpose monetary management is just like the engine room of the corporation and can have an effect on each different branch if no longer handled well.

So as a way to get rid of any shape of barrier that can prevent the growth of the business, corporations need to make certain that the proper financial management mechanism is put in place.

The Objectives of Financial Management

There are goals or motives companies put into effect those management strategies to grow their business.

1. Profit Maximization

One of the reasons a organization employs a monetary supervisor is to maximize profit at the same time as coping with the finance of the organisation.

The benefit can be within the quick or long-time period. But the primary focus is that the individual or department managing the economic troubles of the organization need to ensure that the organization in question is making sufficient income.

2. Proper Mobilization of Finance

The series of budget to run the commercial enterprise is also an indispensable part of financial management that the manager wishes to address accurately.

Once the manager concludes the estimation of the quantity wished for a enterprise process, the desired quantity can then be requested from any felony sources together with debenture, stocks, or even request for a financial institution loan. But the factor is that there need to be a proper balance between the cash the company has and the amount borrowed.

3. The Company’s Survival

The survival of the enterprise is essential. That is one of the motives the control considers hiring monetary managers inside the first area. The supervisor has to make ok financial choices to make certain the company is a hit.

four. Proper Coordination

There have to be a right information and agency among the various departments. The finance branch must recognize and accept as true with different departments inside the agency for the business to characteristic easily.

five. Lowers Cost of Capital

Financial managers also strive their very first-rate to lessen the fee of capital, which is some thing this is crucial to the enterprise. They make certain money borrowed draws little hobby costs so the corporation can maximize income.

Financial Management Functions

These are the responsibilities of a financial manager. They are there to make certain that everything concerning finances within a business enterprise is in order.

Below are Financial Management Functions:

1. Financial Planning and Forecasting

It is the financial supervisor’s duty to plot and estimate the commercial enterprise’s economic needs. He needs to offer details concerning the amount of money that could be required to purchase extraordinary property for the corporation.

The management thru the financial manager wishes to recognise what they need to spend on running capital and stuck belongings for the business too.

Another important duty of the monetary supervisor is to make futuristic plans for price range that the employer would want. And the manner wherein the price range might be found out and used is likewise of utmost importance to the economic supervisor.

2. Determination of capital composition

Once the Planning and Forecasting have been made, the capital structure has to be determined. The blend of debt and fairness used to finance the organisation’s future worthwhile investment opportunities is referred to as capital shape.

three. Fund Investment

The economic manager has to ensure that funds made available to the commercial enterprise are used correctly to develop the commercial enterprise. The price of acquiring the said fund and price of the returns want to be in comparison and balanced.

The economic manager additionally desires to look into the channels of the business that is yielding higher returns and improve them.

four. Maintain Proper Liquidity

Cash is the quality supply for keeping liquidity. The commercial enterprise calls for it to buy raw substances, pay salaries, and tackle different financial desires of the corporation.

However, the economic supervisor has to decide if there’s a demand for liquid property. He also has to arrange these assets in a way that the commercial enterprise received’t experience shortage of funds.

five. Disposal of Surplus

Selling surplus property and making an investment in more efficient ways will boom profitability and therefore growth the ROCE.

6. Financial Controls

Financial manage can be construed because the analysis of a business enterprise’s actual results, approached from one of a kind views at exceptional instances, compared to its brief, medium, and lengthy-time period goals and commercial enterprise plans.


Financial management is a hot subject matter in the enterprise global due to the significance of finance to the enterprise.

The motive for organising a business enterprise is to make a earnings and also run for many years. However, it’s the financial supervisor’s obligation that the finances of the employer are used thoroughly.