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Finance ManagementAccountingAcademic Content

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Financial management gives pathways to reap goals and targets in an employer. The important responsibility of

a economic supervisor is to measure organisational efficiency through right allocation, acquisition and


The importance of financial management is explained under −

  • It presents steerage in economic planning.
  • It assists in acquiring funds from unique assets.
  • It allows in investing the ideal quantity of finances.
  • It increases organisational performance.
  • It reduces delay manufacturing.
  • It cut down financial charges.
  • It reduces cost of fund.
  • It guarantees right use of fund.
  • It enables enterprise firm to take economic choices.
  • It prepares guideline for earning maximum profits with minimal cost.
  • It increases shareholders’ wealth.
  • It can manipulate the monetary aspects of the commercial enterprise.
  • It presents statistics thru financial reporting.
  • It makes the employees aware about saving funds.


Published on 06-Aug-2020 08:14:44

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